2 sessions package: healing and coaching
- online or in person (Geneva Canton)

Take both sessions in one day, or split them into 2 different appointments.
After the sessions you can continue with one of my signature programs and only pay the difference.

The 2 sessions package of distance healing and coaching is a great start to see improvements right away.

In these sessions we'll understand what you say and what your body says, and start a healing approach that takes ALL OF YOU into account: mind, body and soul.

If you’re serious about making real, lasting changes, I can help. Start with these sessions online or in Geneva Canton, and gain some clarity on the next steps.


After the sessions you can continue with one of my signature programs and only pay the difference. That's how much I trust the program! But time is precious, so I'll keep this option open for a limited time.

Live pain free! Discover life.

My healing and coaching sessions are one-on-one, transformational experiences designed specifically for women and men who are ready to face their challenges head on and make a real, lasting change.

Through this personalized coaching and healing program, we’ll re-align blocked energies, look at the beliefs, mindsets, patterns and self-sabotage that are keeping you stuck, and work on calming your mind and body through energy healing, massage and coaching. 

These session are for you IF YOU NEED TO:

  • understand and heal past traumas and the stress stored in your body.

  • release chronic tensions and break the cycle of self-sabotage.

  • feel more aware, present and peaceful.

  • get back your healthy body and balanced mind.

At the end of the 2 sessions of healing and coaching you will feel lighter, connected with your body and soul and have a better understanding how to honor your needs. The healing session will strengthen your immune system and will continue working on your well-being the following days.

What's next?

(1) Start with the 2 sessions package of healing and coaching
(2) For a complete transformation, continue with the 3-month ONLINE program, or the 4-month program in Geneva, and only pay the difference.

I could not be luckier to find such a warm, caring and incredibly intuitive healer. I felt instantly relaxed and comfortable when I walked into Anita's office, and my senses of calm and clarity in life have only continued to grow with each session. Anita is wonderfully open and truly gifted; I could not recommend her services more highly.

Are you ready for permanent transformation?

If you’re serious about letting go of the past and making a real, permanent change in your life and health, book a FREE 30-minute consultation to see if this Coaching and Healing Signature Session is for you and if we are a match.  

Get in touch

Leave Anita a message and she will get back to you in the following days.

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