10 sessions – Coaching & Healing package “Transform your life”

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Massage practiced regularly can help you reduce stress, pain, anxiety, loneliness and fear. It can even help you get relaxed and sleep better.

Anita also works with my 3 children and has a very special and kind way of working with them. It has definitely benefited them when they have had challenges going on. I actively recommend Anita to everyone I know for her amazing work. She truly provides an outstanding service and deep transformation for anyone that is having sessions with her on a regular basis.

— Niamh

The Health Benefits of Massage 💝

💎 reduces feelings of anxiety

💎 reduces stress hormone levels and blood glucose levels

💎 contribute to a healthier immune system

💎 can reduce asthma symptoms in children

💎 helps ease tension and pain in developing muscles

💎 improves function in the brain

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