Case Study Distance Healing

Last night I was working with a client who mostly sees me in person for sessions, but this time the person was abroad and needed some support and healing energies there.

We had determined the scope / issues to address during the session. And sometimes, as in this case, I also intuitively open the scope to sth that might matter to reinforce the on-going healing process and come up with additional answers.

In this case the additional information brought huge clarity, showing that money simply flows away from my client. Obviously, this is not what the person intends to create in her life.

However, not knowing or being aware that we are carrier of these patterns, we can self-sabotage ourselves during our whole life because we simply don’t know and therefore cannot engage into a cellular healing process, gain the adequate knowledge, awareness and tools to do the necessary work.

It is important to understand that the leak of money is not the problem itself but just a symptom of something much bigger, an indicator of the real underlying problem that may not even have anything to do with money itself. This is simply the expression or the manifestation of the true problem the person has created as a pattern in her life; it can be related to the lineage and then it can also be karmic. And sometimes, even often, it is all of these together.

As I pointed out afterwards in our debriefing/coaching session, there is a possibility with distant healing to work directly and intensively on this issue in order to detect the origin, heal the cause and be able to create what we really want.

You wish to understand behaviours or different patterns that hold you back in your life from creating what you want?

For more information, DM me or do not hesitate to check out this link.

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