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A month ago, a terrible back pain pushed me to ask for Anita's help. And after three consecutive weekly sessions of distance healing with her (I do not live in Geneva), I have started to gain my energy, my smiles, my sleep ... my life back. For the last three months, I've experienced deep sadness, body pain, and panic that my body could not handle anymore. I could no longer sleep more than 4-5 hours. And the sleep itself was painful. I was waking up in the middle of the night due to stiff back and suffocating chest pain. I thought I'll die. I knew that my body was screaming for help. But I did not know how to help. I tried some meditation, some journaling. I went to a chiropractic for one month.

Whatever I was doing, the pain was bouncing back!!

So I put all my hope in Anita. And her distance heeling sessions. What a gift! She brought in so much healing!! Together we uncovered the roots of my pain, and she not only started the healing process in those hot points, but she also asked me to do two simple daily exercises to help myself during healing. AMAZING!

It felt like I was re-born. I can feel happiness, peace, balance again. I smile a lot now, act silly, sing songs, I dance again -- I never did that since I was a child. Thank you, Anita!! I feel that doing the 3 consecutive sessions, 7-10 days apart, really helped with a deep and radical change! I am happy to be me again!!

-- Raluca

Anita helped me achieve a self-awareness and personal development that I didn’t think was possible. Her kind approach and Metamorphic massage helped me overcome my fears and lack of self-confidence.
-- Christina

Is Anita a magician or is it the Access Bar technique that’s magical? Either way, it exceeded all of my expectations: I’m more fulfilled, more serene and stronger than ever before—and I’m still continuing to see results.
-- Simone

I came to see Anita about 5 years ago because I knew I needed some downtime, relaxation and stress relief in my fast-paced life. I was anticipating just a simple massage from an excellent masseuse, but what I got and continue to get is so much more! Anita’s massage treatments are unlike any other massage I have received. She is highly intuitive and stuns me with how she picks up on things going on in my life and casually mentions it during our session. I can feel a deep relaxation engulfing me during the massage and always feel much better afterwards, but usually the next day is the best part. I just feel more "calibrated" and uplifted and my energy definitely increases.

As a busy working mum, Anita's treatments are non-negotiable for me to keep me grounded. When I am receiving massage on a regular basis from Anita, my life generally seems to flow better. I have also come to see Anita during times in transition and find her work a huge support for integrating any external change in my body.

Anita also works with my children and has a very special and kind way of working with them. It has definitely benefitted them when they have had challenges going on.

I actively recommend Anita to everyone I know for her amazing work. She truly provides an outstanding service and deep transformation for anyone that is having sessions with her on a regular basis. I would recommend anyone to dive straight in with a 10-session programme with Anita to reap the full benefits of her unique and special work.
I feel truly blessed to have Anita in my life. She and her work are such a gift!

-- Niamh

I met Anita while I was looking for work and I felt a lot of anxiety in my body. With her healing techniques, Anita helped me change the relation between my mind and body and reconnect to my intrinsic power. I became calmer, more aligned and less reactive to external influences. I also sleep better!
-- Britta

I feel lucky to have met Anita. She truly has a gift and does a service with such compassion and kindness. The world is lucky to have her.  After just two healing sessions, my mother told me  that Anita opened up doors for her that felt blocked since her own childhood. As a result my mom has been writing like crazy with newfound confidence and creativity and has found it so healing. She even was able to write about painful experiences she has never addressed about her relationship with her mother and grandmother.

Bless you Anita and thank you for the work you do!! Just again reflecting off of how you have brought so much love and comfort to so many. May you receive all the blessings back in abundance!
-- Sophie

What a healing experience! The Access Bars are very soothing; I immediately felt my overactive thinking mind calming. It was liberating. After each session—even the difficult ones-- I feel light and free. I recommend it to anyone who wants to connect body, mind and spirit, and feel the healing taking place.
-- Eli

I could not be luckier to find such a warm, caring and incredibly intuitive healer. I felt instantly relaxed and comfortable when I walked into Anita's office, and my senses of calm and clarity in life have only continued to grow with each session. Anita is wonderfully open and truly gifted; I could not recommend her services more highly.
-- Patrick

I reluctantly decided to give Metamorphosis and Reiki a try… and now I wish I hadn’t waited so long! After my sessions, I felt more at peace, calmer and more in charge of my life. Anita makes you feel at ease. She is soft and gentle and definitely has a gift-- you really don't want your sessions to end!
-- Gwen

If you do only one thing for yourself, I urge you to make it a session of Metamorphosis or Reiki! The changes I’ve seen in myself have been truly amazing—challenges seem to pass far more easily and quickly since I started seeing Anita. It is something you will never regret -- and Anita is the perfect guide.
-- Eliana

Anita’s intuitive approach is an inspiration and a great help in the healing process. While the sessions can be intense, they allow you to let go of old memories and reconnect with yourself.

Working with Anita has been an amazing experience for me. She is the rare person who creates a deep connection with those who come to see her, and she takes the time to really understand you. She creates the trust I needed to let go, and for me her healing has been nothing short of amazing
-- S.A.

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