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Distant energy healing

What IS energy healing?

✨ Distant energy healing is a powerful healing tool to enhance well-being or to address a particular pain or difficulty the receiver is experiencing.

✨ It can be GIVEN from anywhere in the world to any other chosen remote place. It can be RECEIVED at home, while traveling etc. and at any time and place.

✨ Energy travels and connects over barriers, time zones, and timelines, space, or dimensions. For many people, this still goes beyond comprehension.

What the energy healing IS NOT

During a session of energy healing, you are definitely:

🌈 NOT hypnotized

🌈 Standing In your power

🌈 Keeping your free will


"I am a very analytical person, and I did not understand energy healing at first. I still don't understand it fully, but I CAN see the results! And that's enough for me!"

-- Raluca

How energy healing worked for my client, Raluca

Here's the story of my client Raluca, who asked for my help during the lock-down, in early 2020.

"In the first months of 2020, I experienced deep sadness, body pain, and sleep deprivation. I was waking up in the middle of the night due to stiff back and suffocating chest pain. I tried to do meditation, journaling, and work with chiropractic for one month, but whatever I was doing, the pain was bouncing back!! It was during the lockdown when I decided to call Anita for help.

I did not know what changes to expect from the sessions, yet 21 days later, I gained my energy, my smiles, my sleep ... my life back."


Raluca was commited to do the work...

So, we started with 3 sessions of energy healing

See how she experienced all of the process.

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Session 1

Raluca's symptoms: Suffocating chest pain, intense back pain, a stiff neck, sleep deprivation and constant fatigue.

🌈 Doing the work:

  • 20 min before the session

    During these short calls, I encouraged Raluca to choose to work generally or to address a topic or a question. She decided to work on her back pain, and from there, the body and whole being came up with answers and directions totally unexpected.

  • 40 min the energy healing

    During the energy healing Raluca had experienced among other feelings:

    ✨ occasional sensations on her right side of the body, moving up from the right feet to the right ear

    ✨ iced hands toward the end of the session

  • 90 min talk after the energy healing

    Soon after the energy healing was completed, we jumped on a call to discuss the experienced feelings and the received information. These calls last up to 90 minutes, as they are essential to discuss all the received information. During this call, I shared with Raluca a simple exercise that would help her during the recovery process.

Although everyone experiences different sensations ✨ (or no sensations at all) during the healing session, that does not impact the energy healing I am sending to the receiver; nor it affects the information I receive about the root of the problems.

Days following the session 1

Raluca experienced flowing energy, being kinder to herself, and improved sleeping patterns.

Session 2

Raluca's symptoms: Chest pain and burning sensations closer to the heart area.

🌈 Doing the work:

  • 20 min before the session

    Raluca decided to keep working on her back and chest pain

  • 40 min the energy healing

    During the energy healing Raluca had experienced:

    ✨ waves of warm energy moving from heals toward to upper part of the body

    ✨ constant tingles on the left side of the body

    ✨ occasional iced hands and fits

    ✨ a freezing sensation

  • 90 min talk after the energy healing

    This call focused a lot on the emotions that got revealed during the healing session. We also discussed how these emotions are connected to her childhood. I recommended Raluca to start with another simple exercise that will support her emotional healing.

Days following the session 2

Raluca experienced more freedom and relaxation and allowed herself to be childish and happy. The body pain also lessened considerably, allowing her to get back to her work routine and her piano classes.

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Session 3

Raluca's symptoms: Mild chest pain

🌈 Doing the work:

  • 20 min before the session

    This time Raluca decided to work generally, on her health and well-being

  • 40 min the energy healing

    During the energy healing Raluca had experienced:

    ✨ waves of warm energy toward her neck

    ✨ slight headache during the entire session

    ✨ and a general feeling of relaxation

  • 90 min talk after the energy healing

    The call focused a lot on Raluca's life purpose and the connections with the existing and future family members. The improvements where visible! Raluca's energy was so much balanced and flowing.

Days following the session 3

Raluca experienced deep relaxation and a much better connection with her family. By this time, she dedicated every day to do her part of the work. She practiced the chosen exercises every morning and evening and continued to do so after our 3 sessions of energy healing.

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Distant healing can help you too!

Just like Raluca, we're ALL navigating difficult times. The fears we're experiencing these days put tremendous weight on our soul, mind, and body. Old emotions get activated, body pains may bounce back. Sleep deprivation can happen.

You are not alone. I am still here for you! My Distance Healing sessions are open to lower the burden and release the accumulated tensions. Start with the 5 x sessions pack for distance healing, coaching and powerful tools.

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