How Are You Feeling In These Critical And Challenging Times?

Yes, YOU?

Wherever we are in the world, probably the greater majority of us is right now facing all kinds of fears, struggles and sometimes heartbreaking losses.

We are all part of the big picture, however on an individual level we each of us have to figure out how we can best deal with what is going on in the world.

Sometimes this can make us feel very LONELY! Feeling OVERWHELMED!

Nothing has prepared us for this. So we need to learn day by day how to adapt better, how to feel stronger, increasing self-awareness, compassion and love etc.

And there is no RECIPE to it we can find on the internet.

The more we know ourselves, the true self beyond conditioning and adaptation to the society we live in, the more we actually are prepared for difficult moments in our lives.

We can actually learn how to SURF THE WAVES and RISE ABOVE OUR CHALLENGES.
And we can learn how to CHOOSE the right INGREDIENTS for our personal RECIPE.

In times when we are facing lockdown situations, we can find the
support we need.

I therefore propose DISTANT HEALING SESSIONS that can be taken from anywhere in the world. Distant healing provides change on a deep cellular level. And the work on a deep cellular level continues once the session is over.

My distant healing sessions above simple well-being can address – a personal stressful situation,

  • work on a quality that needs to be enhanced
  • address any kind of addiction
  • eating disorders
  • money blocks and so much more.

A typical session is as following:

  • Speaking over the phone to find out the needs (that sometimes can take up to one hour)
  • The actual session which lasts around 45 minutes.
  • Debriefing afterwards, explaining, exchanging and coaching with tools (can be around an hour)

So a distant healing session is not on the go, you should take the appropriate time for yourself.
It is an act of taking care of your SELF, with COMPASSION. RESPECT, LOVE. Everything you DESERVE and you are so WORTHY of.

During the session the body will come up with all the necessary information of the moment. I also address all timelines so if karma is ready to show itself, it will communicate that information.
In this regard I have made some mind-blowing experiences with some of my clients.

Please find out more by following the link.

Payment plans are available.

And don’t hesitate to DM me for any questions you may have.

What matters in these times is your own GROWTH and HEALTH. Almost everyone is a caretaker and giver, with a partner, family, children, aging parents, friends etc. You are being needed. Your life is important, you MATTER.

Stay safe and healthy,

Light and blessings,


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