How do you choose to HEAL, how to GROW?

How do you choose to HEAL, how to GROW? 

Do you consider these 2 as separate from each other or as intertwined? 

Have you ever thought about it in the first place? 

Do you set up a plan, a program, a kind of agenda how to structure your own growth or any healing process throughout your life, or do you move forward rather randomly as life throws its challenges at you? 

In life many people make plans, 

  • 🌻a business plan
  • 🌻studies 
  • 🌻career 
  • 🌻family
  • 🌻when to build a house 
  • 🌻buy a car, go on a vacation
  • 🌻planning not to plan at all

Etc etc etc

What if we started to understand that the more actively we choose to plan our personal growth and healing, the quicker and the more effective we could reach and fulfill all our short and long-term plans and goals including the sole plan to live the most meaningful and fulfilled life! 

Personal growth and healing should receive the best attention we are cabable of. 

It is a life-long process – and even beyond on a soul and consciousness level. 

Yes, it takes energy, courage, strength and determination to go on this path of personal development. 

But, it also consumes SO much more energy to cope with the daily difficulties when we choose NOT to learn life’s lessons and to repeat over and over again. 

So, why not choose to spend our energy more WISELY ? 

Feeling generally balanced, joyful and content helps recharge our energy batteries even more quickly. 

The more we choose to grow and heal, the greater the ripple effect on the quality of the relationships we have: 

  • with family
  • with friends
  • with colleagues and superiors
  • with neighbors
  • society as a whole 

When we transform, we not only add value to ourselves and the people we directly touch, but also to society and to the collective. 

Your change and transformation is always possible. There is no limit in age to experience healing and growth. 

Why not start NOW🤍🧡❤️💛💚💙💜? It is the best moment. 

Ask for help and support❣️ No one can do it totally alone. We all need professional support. 

With love – for your best life


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