Access Consciousness Bars™ (90 – 120 min )

$ 499

Access Consciousness Bars™ is a healing technique that works through “Bars” of energy on the head. Each Bar corresponds with a specific aspect or area of your life. Touching the Bars realigns the energy around the corresponding area by dissipating the electromagnetic charge that gets locked in our brains by the thoughts, feelings and emotions we’ve stored throughout our life. By creating new associations or enhancing existing ones, bars sessions help clear out unhelpful beliefs, emotions and patterns around the areas of life in which you feel stuck so you can move forward with ease and confidence.

Is Anita a magician or is it the Access Bar technique that’s magical? Either way, it exceeded all of my expectations: I’m more fulfilled, more serene and stronger than ever before—and I’m still continuing to see results.
— Simone

The Health Benefits of Access Consciousness Bars™ 💝

💎 boosts greater mental clarity, focus and motivation

💎 significantly increases is joy and happiness feelings

💎 helps you handle depressive and anxiety

💎 promotes better relations with yourself and with others

💎 deeper relaxation and better sleep

Read all about how the healing therapies were experienced by my clients.

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