Metamorphic massage (90 – 120 min)

$ 499

Metamorphic massage (Metamorphosis) is a gentle, non-verbal and holistic approach that uncovers unconscious patterns of tension that create mental, emotional, physical and behavioural disturbances. The technique uses a light touch on the feet, hands and head to relieve deep tensions and blockages within the body and release self-defeating patterns.

  • The feet signify our capacity to for movement. With our feet, we can advance in life.
  • The hands hold our capacity for action. With our hands, we can grab hold of life and make a change.
  • The head is where we think, reflect and hold our spirituality. With our head, we manage and guide our life.

Metamorphic sessions 🦋 can be truly transformational, breaking old patterns and recovering a joie de vivre that many people haven’t felt since childhood. Clients leave feeling relaxed, energized and with a restored sense of alignment, consciousness and lightness.

I am certified in the Violette Prod’hom technique of metamorphic healing.

Anita’s intuitive approach is an inspiration and a great help in the healing process. While the sessions can be intense, they allow you to let go of old memories and reconnect with yourself.

The Health Benefits of Metamorphic Massage 💝

💎 let go of old memories and reconnect with yourself
💎 overcome your fears and lack of self-confidence
💎 calm down overactive thinking mind and sleep better
💎 feel fulfilled, more serene and stronger than ever before
💎 reconnect to your intrinsic power
💎 became calmer, more aligned and less reactive to external influences
💎 achieve a self-awareness and personal development
💎 feel light and free

Read all about how the Metamorphic massage was experienced by my clients.

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