Reiki (90 min)

$ 499

Reiki is a Japanese technique that for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. The simple yet powerful healing treatment includes laying the hands over certain areas of the body such as organs, chakras, joints to re-balance and improve the body’s life energy flow. With a stronger, more balanced life energy, clients feel calmer, healthier and have a greater physical and emotional awareness.

Duration: 90 minutes

I reluctantly decided to give Metamorphosis and Reiki a try… and now I wish I hadn’t waited so long! After my sessions, I felt more at peace, calmer and more in charge of my life. Anita makes you feel at ease. She is soft and gentle and definitely has a gift– you really don’t want your sessions to end!
— Gwen

The Health Benefits of Reiki Healing 💝

💎 promotes harmony and balance

💎 heal mental/emotional wounds, alleviate mood swings, fear, frustration and even anger

💎 reduces stress and creates deep relaxation; helps the body release stress and tension

💎 enhances your capability to love and helps your relationships grow

💎 assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins

💎 clears the mind and improves focus; helps you feel grounded & centered

💎 boost the body’s mental and physical healing

💎 improve breathing, heart rate and blood pressure

💎 improves sleep and boosts the immune system

💎 helps spiritual growth and emotional cleansing

Read all about how the healing therapies were experienced by my clients.

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