Therapeutic massage (90 min)

$ 499

Therapeutic massage in Geneva Canton (90 min session). Therapeutic massage is based on Chinese medicine and energy healing, including reflexology and meridian points. Applying appropriate pressure to various points on the body restores energetic equilibrium, removes emotional and physical blocks and relieves tension and pain.

Duration: 75+ minutes

I could not be luckier to find such a warm, caring and incredibly intuitive healer. I felt instantly relaxed and comfortable when I walked into Anita’s office, and my senses of calm and clarity in life have only continued to grow with each session. Anita is wonderfully open and truly gifted; I could not recommend her services more highly.
— Patrick

The Health Benefits of Therapeutic Massage 💝

💎 boost and maintain physical, mental and emotional well being

💎 reduces the stress, tension and anxiety, and can help relive depression

💎 stimulates the circulatory, digestive, lymphatic and nervous systems, to de-stress and detoxify the body

💎 prevents and relieves muscles cramps tension, pain and spasms

💎 lowers your heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure and boosts your immune system


Recommended as part of your regular wellness routine

Struggling with chronic pain? You might need to come weekly (or even twice a week) until your body feels better. As a guide, regular therapeutic massages work best when on a 4 to 6-week basis.

Want long lasting results? Get a therapeutic massage at least once a month for maintaining the health of your tissue, prevent old patterns to kick back. Listen to your body, and book your next massage session today.

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