Bodywork, energy healing and coaching prices

I offer a range of healing therapies to fit your unique needs, from individual sessions or packages, to my VIP Intensive Transformation Programs ONLINE or in GENEVA.


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Energy Healing & Coaching Programs

Receive bodywork, energy healing, coaching for a PAIN-FREE life.

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Choose between the 3 programs available and start releasing struggles & chronic body pain. If you begin with the "DAY TICKET to body Healing" session you have the option to continue with the 3-month or 6-month programs and only pay the difference.

Therapies Packages

to help remove emotional and physical blockage.

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When you book a package of sessions, you don’t just save money, you set yourself up for success. Real transformation comes from treating the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms-- and that can take a few sessions.

With any package, you have the possibility to mix Therapeutic massage, Access Consciousness and Metamorphosis.

Individual Therapies Sessions

Massage Price List

Access Consciousness Bars™ (75 min): CHF 140.-

Access Consciousness Bars™ & Coaching (120 min): CHF 230.-

Access Energetic Facelift™ (75 min): CHF 140.-

Distance healing (60 min): CHF 110.-

Lemniscate massage (75+ min): CHF 150.-

Magnetism / healing therapy (60 min): CHF 110.-

Metamorphic massage 🦋 (60-75 min): CHF 140.-

Reiki (90 min): CHF 150.-

Therapeutic massage (75+ min): CHF 150.-

Transformational Life Coaching - Skype or in-person (60+ min): CHF 190.-

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