Pretending to be Somebody Else

We all spend so much of our life pretending to be somebody else. 

That means we are hiding from ourselves and from the people that love us. 

At the end of the day, both, us and the people who love us, loose. 


I invite you all to ponder the question in which direction you wish to take your life on this day – and on every new day after today. 

Wouldn‘t you want to experience even more and unlimited expanded consciousness, access love and healing on an incredibly deep cellular level to finally reveal your true Self to the world and to the people you feel connected to and who really matter to you in your life? 

And would you not want the same for your own children ? 

Many of us have no idea how far we can take our healing. 

And how much easier our life gets with each day. 

Challenges will always be in our life, but the way we handle and overcome them will change greatly. 

It always blows my mind when I see the effects my work has on my clients. 

I often thought that there would not be another level to be attained, but luckily I am being proven wrong each time. 

One of the most important tools I use for this is distant healing where we can access new levels of consciousness, new understandings. 

All information is already contained in your body, in each cell that has stored all of your life experiences, and even before this lifetime as it also contains information from your lineage. 

Life force energy will connect with your own energy. 

Based on my experience I have put a package of 5 sessions together, allowing to do some work and continuity. 

Please check it out and contact me for any questions you may have. 

5 sessions package: distance healing

Love, light and healing to you 


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